Extraordinary Views

In 2018, the Lincoln Film Center organized “The Female Gaze”, a retrospective focused on films shot by women, accompanied by a series of talks. The starting point was Laura Mulvey’s essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (1975). In it, the author remarks on the inequality of power in cinema, in which the male point of view is dominant. In the context of this event, a comment concerning the possible existence of a female perspective arose— a “female gaze” to counter the “male gaze” described by Mulvey.   


Los Cabos International Film Festival now seeks to further these reflections in a bid to expand on the meanings and representations cast by this gaze onto past and future cinema, both on an artistic and political level. This panel was also intended as a unique occasion to get to know the work of cinematographers and to understand, from their personal experiences, the changes that this key position has undergone in the history of filmmaking.

Extraordinary Views panel: A conversation with Ashley Connor, Agnès Godard, Ellen Kuras and María Secco 

Saturday November 16th, 13:30 - 15:30 h, Cinemex Theater 1

*Free admission 

Ashley Connor 

Ellen Kuras

Agnés Godard

María Secco 
Mexico - Uruguay

A conversation with: Diego Enrique Osorno


While fiction series are still at the peak of their popularity amongst audiences, for the past few years investigative documentary series have also been greatly successful. It is often said that truth is bigger than fiction, and reality is always the starting point of any story. The success of documentary series have become a new field for both directors and producers, and the public eager for new content.

This is why Los Cabos International Film Festival has invited Diego Enrique Osorno, investiga- tive journalist and renowned documentary film- maker to give a masterclass on his series 1994 (2019), that recounts the moment in history after Mexico witnessed the murder of the 1994 presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.

This class is a great opportunity to discuss how true events can be represented and told on television, and for Osorno to talk about the challenges he had to face, making 1994.

Masterclass Contar la realidad: El caso de 1994. A conversation with: Diego Enrique Osorno

Thrusday November 14th, 11:30 hrs, Cinemex Theater 3

*Free admission 

Diego Enrique Osorno

The Academy: 364 Days of the Year


As part of the Industry program of Los Cabos International Film Festival we are honored to pre- sent the panel The Academy: 364 Days of the Year. David Rubin, newly elected President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Ellen Kuras, an Academy Award Nominee and Academy Governor, and Lorenza Muñoz, Managing Director Member Relations and Awards, will discuss in an intimate conversation with industry professionals, the Academy’s recent initiatives to diversify its ranks, as well as the organization’s efforts to become more international and increase its membership engagement abroad. This conversation will offer delegates a rare glimpse of the Academy’s year ­round activities outside of the Oscars.

The Academy: 364 Days of the Year. A conversation with David Rubin, Lorenza Muñoz and Ellen Kuras.