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Los Cabos International Film Festival Unveils the image of its 10th Anniversary

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, this year we opened a call for young designers, graphic and visual artists from all over Mexico, inviting them to think, create and develop a visual concept that would give #LosCabos10 a unique and inimitable face. The talent displayed in each submission was remarkable. After a long deliberation, David Rodrigo Pineda Ortiz’ piece was chosen to become the image of our 2021 edition.

Surrounded by Los Cabos’ iconic scenery, at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez a diver enjoys the cinema experience, comfortably settled on the seabed. He, in turn, is being watched through the lens of a digital camera. This image thereby alludes to a festival capable of adapting to a reality in which the physical and virtual realms coexist and complement each other in order to create an organic experience that audiences may enjoy, regardless of their geographic location.

This world film theatre in Los Cabos–an expression coined by designer David Pineda–also points to new audiences and the access to our film program from all corners of Mexico, thanks to Los Cabos Online.

This year’s image plunges us into a surreal representation in which we enjoy, along with the diver, this international spectacle. With the light of the aqualung, we symbolically represent a film projector that not only shows films, but also places us, the audience, as the origin and essence of the festival.” -David Pineda, designer of the #LosCabos10 image.

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