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Open call for new voices: Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund - Film projects in development stage

At the Los Cabos International Film Festival we are well aware that the future of cinema lies in the vision of its authors, whose break-away statements invites the public to reflect on different subjects that concern us as a society, and whose relevance transcends time. One of our missions throughout this ten years journey has been to promote these new ways of storytelling through our Industry platform and the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund, providing a unique opportunity for filmmakers to move forward in their production processes and to provide the support needed to reach the big screen. Today we open our Call for Entries for GFFF - Films in Development. Projects can be submitted from 20 July to 20 August 2021 and we are calling for both: upcoming filmmakers and experienced ones. Ten film projects (Mexican or co-produced with Mexico), will be chosen, and their representatives will be able to take part in our one-on-one online meetings with leading professionals from the international film industry. These meetings will take place during the 10th edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival from 10 to 17 November 2021. Selected projects will compete for the following prizes:

  1. CTT EXP & Rentals Award: Worth $1,284,000.00 Mexican pesos (one million two hundred and eighty-four thousand Mexican pesos) it comprises four weeks of rental of film equipment.

  2. Chemistry Award: Worth $946, 000.00 Mexican pesos (nine hundred and forty-six thousand Mexican pesos) in image post-production services. It comprises 90 hours of color correction, digital intermediate, deliveries, DCP, and backups.

  3. PIANO Award: $50,000.00 Mexican pesos cash prize (fifty thousand Mexican pesos) for first and second films. This prize is focused on encouraging the commercial release of a given project with the distributor of their choice. It also comprises a letter of intent from PIANO for its distribution in Mexico, in order to further the consolidation of the financial scheme during the development stage.

  4. Exchange of projects with The Gotham: One of the selected projects will be chosen to participate in the Gotham Week Project Market program.

#LosCabos10 New perspectives for a new reality

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