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We are honored to announce that within our Eleventh Edition the Mexican actor and producer Tenoch Huerta will receive the Sin Fronteras Award for his outstanding career and his tireless efforts in favor of inclusion, diversity, and visibility of Latin American talent in the global film industry.

Tenoch is a key element in some of the most essential films of Mexican cinema in the last decade: El infierno, Días de gracia, Vuelven, and El más buscado —a film that we had the honor to premiere worldwide in 2013—; Güeros, which received Los Cabos Competition Award in 2014; and Semana Santa, winner of the Fox+ Mexico First Award in our 2015 edition. Likewise, he has participated in successful television series such as Mozart in the Jungle, Blue Demon and Narcos: México.

Proud of his roots, he has become a spokesperson for social impact, as he campaigns against racism and marginalization. He has represented Mexico through co-productions such as Sleep Dealer (Mexico-United States) and Sólo quiero caminar (Mexico-Spain); as well as through American films such as Nómadas, alongside Lucy Liu, Get the Gringo, with Mel Gibson, Camino, with Zoë Bell and The Forever Purge, the most recent installment of the “Purge” franchise.

Winner of the Ariel Award for Best Male Performance in 2012 for Días de gracia, Tenoch Huerta joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2022, playing the legendary character of Namor, in the long-awaited film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

With this tribute, Los Cabos International Film Festival stands by its commitment to tirelessly support Mexican and Latin American talent inside and beyond our borders, while never ceasing to recognize their effort and perseverance. For this reason, at #LosCabos11 we proudly celebrate the rising career of Tenoch Huerta, whose dedication and determination have allowed him to step onto the most outstanding stages of international cinema.

See you at #LosCabos11!

9 - 13 Nov 2022

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