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At a time of constant renewal in every artistic field, Los Cabos International Film Festival has established itself as one of the most important forums for filmmakers seeking to fulfill their upcoming projects.

This year, through its two sections Film in Development and Work in Progress, the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund (GFFF) will continue to drive newcomers and up-and-coming talents and contribute with them to move forward with their production processes.

Following a series of successful calls and a meticulous selection process, 15 projects in development stage and 6 works in progress were chosen to participate in our Industry program. Through it, the filmmakers will have the opportunity to present their projects to outstanding professionals from the national and international film industry, such as sales agents, distributors, production companies, film festivals, OTTs and financiers. Furthermore, they will be eligible to receive financial support adding up to just over $3,800,000.00 Mexican pesos (in cash and in-kind), offered by the Film Fund’s network of partner companies and institutions.

The 2021 Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund’s selection is:


  1. Acapulco Magic (Mexico) - Dir. Tavo Ruiz. | Prod. Rodrigo Álvarez Flores.

  2. Caity (United States) - Dir. Lindsay Calleran. | Prod. Katie White, Katy Drake Bettner.

  3. El buzo (Mexico) - Dir. Jimena Muhlia Montero. | Prod. Paula Astorga Riestra, Pamela Torres Maldonado.

  4. En vuelo (Mexico) - Dir. Daniela Uribe. | Prod. Paloma Isabel Cabrera Yañez.

  5. Güero Coyote (Mexico) - Dir. Manuel Leyva Mojardin. | Prod. Emilio Antonio Santoyo Espino.

  6. Hummingbirds (United States) - Dir. Silvia Castaños, Estefanía Contreras, Ana Rodriguez-Falco, Jilian Schlesinger, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Diane Ng. | Prod. Ana Rodríguez-Falco, Jilian Schlesinger, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Leslie Benavides.

  7. La espera es un murmullo en la tierra (Mexico) - Dir. Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcaba. | Prod. Fernando Eimbcke, Alex Noppel.

  8. La reserva (Mexico) - Dir. Pablo Pérez Lombardini. | Prod. Liliana Pardo, Daniela Mikel.

  9. Manhunt (Canada) - Dir. Wayne Wapeemukwa. | Prod. Matt Drake, Anna-Lena Theobald.

  10. Monstruo de Xibalbá (Mexico) - Dir. Manuela Irene. | Prod. Daniel Loustaunau, Manuela Irene, Damián Aguilar.

  11. Ñuu Yuchi (City of Daggers, Mexico) - Dir. Nicolás Rojas Sánchez. | Prod. Armando Bautista García.

  12. Sobre rupturas y sus grietas (Mexico) - Dir. Michelle Ibaven. | Prod. Michelle Ibaven, Karla Bukantz.

  13. There Were Witches (Canada-Mexico) - Dir. Jefferson Moneo. | Prod. Fabiola Caraza, Mauro Mueller.

  14. TINA: Fotógrafa revolucionaria (Canada-Mexico) - Dir. Daniela Mujica. | Prod. Productions Ocho.

  15. Ya se quiere venir la noche (Mexico) - Dir. Gabriel Mariño. | Prod. Miguel Ángel Sánchez M.


  1. El reino de Dios (Mexico) - Dir. Claudia Sainte-Luce. | Prod. Christian Kregel.

  2. La frontera invisible (Mexico) - Dir. Mariana Flores Villalba. | Prod. Carlos Hernández Vázquez, Gabriela Gavica.

  3. Los ríos (Canada-Mexico) - Dir. Ryan Fyfe-Brown. | Prod. Josh Huculiak, Mauro Mueller.

  4. Masewal (Mexico) - Dir. Octavio Anza. | Prod. Diego Robles.

  5. Mukí Ralómali Bitichí Kú Sébale (Mexico) - Dir. Santiago Esteinou. | Prod. José Miguel Díaz Salinas.

  6. Nómadas de la 57 (Mexico) - Dir. Alberto Arnaud, José María Castro Ibarra. | Prod. Yuli Rodríguez.


“The projects that make up the selection of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund’s tenth edition are in line with contemporary cinema, with the stories that need to be told at this point in time. Through the eyes of their creators, these narratives offer a clear and profound reflection on our current zeitgeist.” Francisco Westendarp, Industry Manager at the Los Cabos International Film Festival


We especially thank our Industry allies since without their participation this initiative would not be possible: Cinecolor Mexico, CTT EXP & Rentals, Chemistry, Shalalá, FirePit Studios, Art Kingdom, Cielo Content, Irreversible, Room Service, Piano, The Gotham, Embassy of Canada in Mexico and Telefilm.

Come to See, Enjoy and Celebrate #LosCabos10!

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