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Learn about Magdiel López, creator of the #LosCabos8

Actualizado: 1 de oct de 2019

Magdiel López is a prominent visual artist and creative director who started his career at the age of thirteen in his natal Cuba. From a young age he became interested in art and expressed himself through painting and other kinds of visual arts. A self-taught artist, his passion and inquisitiveness led him to explore different technological tools that would allow him to express his creativity in new ways.

Magdiel is a great admirer of Salvador Dalí and Henri Matisse. In his work and artistic proposal he incorporates Dalí’s ability to share a deeper meaning through simple and basic everyday objects. He also uses paintings and clippings as the main base for his designs, as Matisse did. His work can be defined as an expression of feelings, conflicts, and everyday experiences.

Over the course of his career, which spans over more than twelve years, Magdiel has worked on and led projects ranging from brand identity to conceptual art and environmental design, with brands such as Apple, Absolut Vodka, Warner Bros and Cosmopolitan, just to mention a few.

Nowadays, Magdiel lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is currently working on a project called A poster every day. To learn more about his work you can visit his official website.

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