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TFI took the difficult decision to suspend operations

In 2014, Los Cabos International Film Festival started an alliance with the Tribeca Film Institute with the aim of supporting Mexican film projects to advance on their path and gain international visibility.

The alliance with TFI was a key component for the growth of our Festival's industry program. Throughout five years, this agreement helped Mexican directors and producers to exchange ideas and start negotiations with prominent members of the film industry.

For more than twenty years, TFI had a major impact on the careers of a large number of filmmakers. However, a few days ago, the Institute's board

to assess which might be the best way to continue supporting independent cinematography.

We are sure that this initiative will come back renewed and we are proud and grateful to have collaborated with TFI to open new spaces for Mexican talent.

Projects supported by the alliance among Los Cabos International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Institute from 2014 to 2020:

Museum. Directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios

Dive. Directed by David Pablos

Casi el Paraíso. Produced by Edgar San Juan

Beauty Kingdom. Directed by Laura Amelia Guzmán e Israel Cárdenas

The Hole in the Fence. Directed by Joaquín del Paso

Pornomelancholia. Directed by Manuel Abramovich

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