• Los Cabos Film Festival

We are proud to present the image for the 8th edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival.

Actualizado: 1 de oct de 2019

We are a bridge between Mexico, The United States and Canada that seeks to establish constructive dialogues through films, art, and the stories we share. In a collaboration with Dallas resident Magdiel López, Cuban artist and creative specialized in digital arts, we present the image for this year’s edition.

The image of a woman of epic proportions evokes the character of Queen Calafia, a mythical goddess of Baja California Sur known not only for her beauty, but also for her courage and perseverance. One of Queen Calafia’s eyes alludes to the Perla Limón (Lemon Pearl), a magnificent stone which was extracted from the region’s pearl fields. Her multicolored strands of hair represent change, movement, technology and innovation, core features of our Festival’s mission.

The Arco (Arch) —Los Cabos’ emblematic landmark recognizable worldwide— outlines the woman’s gaze and invites us to live an experience. The starlit sky in the desert of Baja California Sur blends with the pink hue of Los Cabos sunsets, which in turn are fused with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortez.

The use of collage as a style in Magdiel’s aesthetic proposal allows for different elements such as local references, cinema and technology symbols, and a rich and appealing color palette to come together and merge in harmony as a whole, comprised of art, innovation, destiny and progress.

“To admire Los Cabos from the Arco is like looking at the most beautiful landscape through the lens of a camera. I am very happy and proud that my first artwork for a film festival should be for the Los Cabos International Film Festival. It is inspired by the beauty of Los Cabos and the ongoing impact films have in our lives.” Magdiel López. 

Magdiel López is a Cuban artist and creative director with fourteen years experience in graphic design and art. Throughout his outstanding career he has participated in projects related to brand identity, conceptual art and environmental design.

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